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No, Totally!

Feb 17, 2015

This week, interviews with Ben Thornewill from Jukebox the Ghost and Marcio Novelli and Ross Barber from Bridge the Atlantic!

Jukebox the Ghost has been Shaun's favorite band for YEARS now, and he was excited to the point of near-vomiting when he interviewed singer/songwriter/piano dude Ben Thornewill. Jukebox the Ghost is currently on a national tour and their latest, self-titled album is a damn treat.

Visit Jukebox the Ghost online at and on Twitter at @JukeboxtheGhost.

Bridge the Atlantic is a great podcast featuring recording artist Marcio Novelli and web designer Ross Barber. Both are subsisting on their art, and were generous enough to share their insights into the worlds of creativity, failure, and Marcio's "wants" vs. his "needs."

Visit Bridge the Atlantic online at and on Twitter at @bridge_atlantic.

Marcio Novelli's site is and he's @MarcioNovelli on Twitter.

Ross Barber makes websites at and is @electrickiwi on Twitter.

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