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No, Totally!

Sep 29, 2015

Returning guest David Shreve signs on to talk about his most excellent essay on David Fincher's Se7en, but discussion quickly goes out the window when Shaun decides to extend an open Twitter invitation to the recording session.

David Shreve's world-renowned essay on the (lack of) violence in Se7en is highly recommended,...

Sep 22, 2015

Following last week's visit from Steven of r/TrueFilm, another moderator from the subreddit, Colin, joins Shaun to talk about the intellect and comedy on display in Paul Verhoeven's great sci-fi Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle, Total Recall (1990).

The r/TrueFilm subreddit is, quite simply, one of the nicest and most...

Sep 19, 2015

The r/TrueFilm subreddit is, quite simply, one of the nicest and most intellectual places to discuss film online, despite the fact that it exists on reddit.

Shaun talks with moderator Steven- also known as hydra815- about how the sub got this way, how the moderators make sure it stays this way, the general state of film...

Sep 9, 2015

Following the passing of horror icon Wes Craven, Brian and Shaun take a look at the ambitious meta-horror film that doubles as the original Freddy Krueger's coda, New Nightmare (1994).

We dream of entertaining you for a living, and your support via Patreon can make this possible. Choose from some great perks and keep us...

Sep 2, 2015

Shaun and Grace Porter from discuss Gillian Robespierre's debut feature Obvious Child (2014), which takes a new look at modern womanhood and features an absolute star turn from Jenny Slate.

Included in this conversation: how Obvious Child stacks up against two other films featuring pregnancies,...